7 Secrets to Shopping Like a Stylist

shop like a stylist

Even though I’m an advocate of shopping your wardrobe before shopping the stores, we all need to shop at times, and some of us haven’t shopped for a long time, or resist shopping because we find it so difficult to do.  So when you do go shopping, how can you make it the most effective experience possible?  Read my 7 top tips to make your next shopping trip successful:
1. Have a list, before you go, know what you need so you can focus yourself and not be distracted by pieces that are not relevant to your lifestyle or needs.  You also won’t buy multiples of the same garment (which many people do when they shop without a list).  Stick to your list too!

2. Do some online research first.  Have a look at the websites of your local clothing stores and see who is doing the colours and styles that you like before you go.  That will help you narrow down your focus.

3. Understand your colouring and what suits.  Colour is the first thing I look at when choosing a garment.  If the colour doesn’t make your skin glow, it doesn’t matter how great the garment is style wise, it’s never going to look as good as it could.

4. Pick up and try on way more than you think.  You are likely to have tunnel vision and only pick up the same old kinds of things you always wear.  Go with an open mind and try on lots of clothes.  Sure the sign says you can only take in 6 things, but often sales assistants will let you take more, or you can take them and swap them easily without having to leave the changeroom area.  That way you will have a better chance of finding something great.

5. Understand that clothing manufacturers don’t have you and  your unique body in mind.  We are all different shapes and sizes, so when a piece of clothing doesn’t look good, don’t beat yourself up over it.  Just say to yourself “this garment is not made to suit me” and put it on the rack!

6. Manage your expectations.  You can only find and buy the clothing that is currently in the stores.  If it doesn’t exist you can’t buy it.  But just because you haven’t found that great garment this shopping trip and you are going home empty handed, doesn’t mean that in 3 weeks, or months that great piece won’t be available then.  Fashion changes frequently, stores get new stock weekly.  Today may not be your day, but tomorrow might be.

6. Have a list of style words and take them shopping.  Run all pieces by your style words.  If they don’t correlate, don’t waste your money on the piece as it won’t make you happy or feel great.

7. If you’re not sure about a piece, walk away for at least 15 minutes, if not longer.  Distance and time will tell you how much you really love it, or if it isn’t something that is pulling you back and calling your name.

If you work with these tips you will find that you have a more successful experience.  And success can mean coming home empty handed, when you understand that buying for the sake of buying and bringing something home is not the right thing to do.  Only buy a garment because you

  1. love it
  2. makes you feel great
  3. makes you look great
  4. suits your current lifestyle
  5. fills a wardrobe hole

And if you’re one of those people who just find shopping for clothes too hard, that’s OK, people like me are happy to shop with you and give you assistance.  We don’t all have the shopping gene!