How to Create Evening Wear Capsules

The festive season has many evening events where some extra glitz and glam may be required.  Rather than have a wardrobe full of evening wear, why not  consider creating evening wear wardrobe capsules so that it’s easy to get dressed for an event, but you have options to change up the look of your outfit.


Evening Wear Capsules


Here you’ll see I’ve created two evening wear capsules, using a few colours that work together so you can easily mix and match.  Each of these capsules will create 10 different evening wear looks.  Add one extra top that goes with all the other elements and you will have an extra 4 outfit options to wear!

My formula for an evening wear capsule:

2 x tops
2 x bottoms (may be a skirt and a pant, or two pants, or two skirts – your preference)
2 x jackets/shrugs/wraps/evening coat
2 x shoes (I haven’t even counted in the shoes in for the 10 outfits – if you take the shoes into consideration double the number of outfits options from 10 to 20).

If you want some personal advice about your wardrobe, book in for a Wardrobe Therapy session to get your wardrobe sorted!