Wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?

Do you waste money buying clothes that sit in your wardrobe unworn?

  • Do you know what suits your body shape and proportions?
  • Do you wonder which colours suit you best?
  • Are you confident in knowing what is appropriate to wear in every situation?
  • Do you know how to dress to create your best possible first impression?
  • Do you hate shopping and don’t know what suits you?
  • Are you still wearing the same clothes year after year?
  • Have you ever thought that you would love to have a personal stylist?
Imogen Lamport AICI CIP

Imogen Lamport AICI CIP

Melbourne based Certified Image Professional and Image Consultant and Personal Stylist Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP can help you de-clutter your wardrobe, make sense of your personal style, find your best colours and assist you in any way you need to become more confident with your clothes.

Based in Doncaster East in Melbourne you are welcome to come to us, or we can come to you in your home (Melbourne and surrounding regions).

“I used to hate going shopping for clothes, I used to pretty much dress to prevent myself from being arrested for indecency and that was the highest standard I aspired to achieve. Now, when I go shopping with Imogen, clothes shopping is amazingly quick and efficient, AND I end up with clothes that look good! Thanks to Imogen Lamport, I have clothes in my wardrobe that are gorgeous colours and shapes that flatter me, and I can get dressed and feel GOOD about how I look!”  Emma Watt Industrial Relations Consultant

Thank you Imogen, there are no skeletons left in my closet!

I’m very happy with all of my new clothes and most of them are things I would have never chosen for myself. I realised after shopping with you that I have been in the habit of buying things that are too big for me. The new clothes are still comfortable but look much more polished.

Thank you so much for your help. I’m looking forward to doing it again when the spring/summer clothes are out!
Wendy Hanes, Professional Organiser Skeletons in the Closet

Thanks again for the consultation- I learnt so much not just about my colours but the contrasts and style personality was spot on. I’m so excited to start developing my own new capsule wardrobe in my colours & style. I could instantly see where I have made mistakes in the past as well as when I have got things right in my wardrobe at home. (& feel I’m still learning – reading my booklet over& over).
I also understand why I don’t like things too.

Such a fantastic experience.

“You’ll be pleased to know I’ve had my first shopping ventures since our session and it has been very successful. Finally, I feel confident and capable in what to try on…..so far I’ve made a couple of purchases and everything goes with everything else! It’s amazing.
F. Stewart, Director & Principal Consultant Leadership Talent Australia

Fashion fades, style is eternal” – Yves St. Laurent

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