Personal Shopping Expeditions


Take a personal shopping trip with Imogen Lamport

Take a personal shopping trip with Imogen Lamport

Hate Shopping?  Then You Need a Personal Shopping Expedition!

Need professional advice to ensure that you don’t waste money when shopping? Do you tend to impulse buy, or buy with a plan to return because you’re really not sure about the item you’ve just bought?   Have you thought that a personal shopper or stylist could help you make better purchasing decisions?

Bespoke Image will ensure that your next shopping trip is a success – you won’t walk away with purchases that you regret the next day, and you will only buy those items that make you feel and look good and will be items that you will wear over and over again. Your new clothes will suit your body, reflect your style and work for your life.

You will:

  • save money by never buying something that doesn’t suit you
  • create a wardrobe of clothes that you wear and love that make you feel good
  • learn how to go shopping with confidence
  • learn strategic tips for future shopping trips
  • have fun


Personal Shopping costs a total of $340 for the first 2 hours and then $80 per 1/2 hour after that.

K** loves everything!! It was great trying everything on for him – it all looked really good. He especially loves the suits and thinks he and I should go suit shopping more often!!

Thanks for your help.

Had to write and tell you that I went shopping yesterday and single mindedly looked for my new black ie; dark olive. At first it was very tricky to ignore the solid blacks that were as usual available in just about every design you could imagine but eventually I struck gold, well olive. Bought myself pants (David Lawrence), camisole (French Connection) and tailored blouse (Table Eight). The camisole was sort of khaki, pants labelled bitter choc and blouse rather mysteriously java. Anyway, wore it all out to a party last night and felt like a million dollars! I really did look different and got lots of compliments. I’m definitely a complete convert and shall try hard to never wear black again. (Might take a while to get enough new clothes to replace the current wall to wall black….)