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Colour Analysis

Find out your best colours with our comprehensive colour analysis that also reflects your personality. The right colours will make you look:

  • Younger
  • Slimmer
  • Healthier
  • More Vibrant

You will also discover your best level of contrast, how to wear your colours, how to combine colours for your most flattering appearance and which are the most natural and attractive makeup shades for you.

Your Body Your Style

With Bespoke Image we can makeover your image – teach you what kind of clothes suit both your body shape and personality and help you put together a great working wardrobe. When you see someone who you consider stylish, what makes them so? What are the elements of style?

  • Appropriate for the occasion
  • Up-to-Date
  • Suit your personality
  • Good quality
  • Suit your body shape
  • Well groomed

Not sure what clothes suit your personality, and what your clothes are saying about you? We can help you find out and point you in the right direction when you have a Your Body, Your Style consultation.  Remember the right clothes will not only make you look good and feel great but really can help you achieve what you want out of life.

Personal Shopping

Shop with an expert – ensure you don’t go home with clothes that you’ll never wear, that don’t flatter or make you feel good.  With this efficient service you won’t waste lots of time wandering around shops wondering what you should or shouldn’t purchase, instead we’ll be there to keep you on track and show you what does and doesn’t work for you and your lifestyle.

Makeup Update

Did you know that women who wear light make-up to work earn 25% more money than women who wear no make-up? Learn how to apply makeup, go through your current makeup and find out what you should keep and what you should throw out.

Wardrobe Audits

Talk to Bespoke Image today about your wardrobe, what’s in it, what is worth keeping, and what is hindering you – de-clutter your wardrobe with Bespoke Image’s Wardrobe Audit service.  Discover the hidden outfits that exist in your wardrobe already, we shop in your wardrobe before you spend any more money on clothes.

Bespoke Image Packages

Why not try one of our packages to really get your image up and running.

I never understood why some days I received lots of compliments ranging from; ‘you look great’, ‘have you lost weight’ to ‘wow, your eyes are really green today’ and other days nothing!

After spending time with Imogen and learning all about how to compliment my good features and conceal the not so good, I now know that the odd days I received compliments, were the days I had both my colour and style working for me. Now my outfits are no longer hit and miss, I can confidently put together the right colours and shapes to suit my body, every day. Bespoke Image has made it clear and simple and no matter what shape or size they have the answers. Thankyou Imogen, I’m off to go shopping……..