13+ Ways to Tie a Scarf

Want some quick and easy ideas how to tie a large rectangular or pashmina style scarf?


How to Make Your Double Chin Disappear

Watch how wearing the right colour you can make your double chin disappear.  Book your personal colour analysis today!

How to Figure Out if a Patterned Garment works with Your Colour Palette

Once you’ve had your personal colour analaysis and have your personalised colour swatch how do you use it to ensure that the patterns you choose are in flattering colours?

Often there you’ll find that a pattern might have a mix of colours, some that fit with your colour palette and some that don’t.  How do you know if it’s OK to wear?

Watch this short video to find out.


How to Mix Colours

You’ve had a colour analysis and have a colour swatch, but how do you use it most effectively?  Here in this quick video I’ll explain how to choose colours that work together from your colour palette.