Retail Edge Training

Are your potential customers leaving your store without making a purchase?

Do you feel as though your staff waste time trying to sell to people who just won’t be convinced?

Do you hear your customers say “it just isn’t me” or “it’s not quite right” as they hand clothes back to you rather than walking out of your store having bought them?

When you work in the clothing retail industry you are selling more than clothing. You’re selling beauty, confidence and the chance to look like a million dollars for the first time in someone’s life. It’s so much more than just selling a dress or a top, isn’t it?
You love to make a difference to the way a client looks and how she feels about herself and you work hard to offer her the right choices and variety of styles to choose from. But somehow it doesn’t work as often as it should.

You’re frustrated because no matter how long you and your staff spend with some clients they just don’t seem to like what they see in the dressing room mirror so they leave without buying anything. You’ve spent ages with them and have nothing to show for it.
Even worse, the client walks into your competitors store and soon walks out swinging a shopping bag on her arm and with a big smile on her face.

What have they got that you don’t have?

How long are you going to go on losing sales to your competitors? Why not do something about it?

Let me ask you….
If your staff could instantly tell which colours and clothing styles would suit your client, how many more sales would you make?
How happy would your clients be to see themselves transformed right there in your dressing rooms?

Your staff need all the tools possible to help your clients choose the best outfits, and to keep them coming back again and again to shop with you.

The best tool that you can give them is training in colour and style.

Colour and style training will teach you and your staff to
• Quickly identify the client’s personal style
• Easily choose the right colours to flatter the skin tone.
• Easily select clothing to suit the client’s body shape.
• Show the customer how to wear each item to suit her style.
• Choose accessories to suit each client

Did you know that Buyers can also benefit from training in colour, line and design? When they understand what to look for in a flattering and slimming outfit you can be certain that the clothes they buy for your retail outlets will move off the rack quickly.
Just imagine how pleased your clients will be if they can come to you and find the perfect outfit without the trauma of trying on things that just don’t work.

Imagine how often they will come back to you, knowing that you will find them exactly the right thing every time.

During colour and style training you will learn:
• How colour analysis works
• How colour affects people
• Which colours work best together
• How to select the right colour accessories
• How a client’s age affects the choice of colour
• How to identify a client’s body shape
• How the line of an outfit changes body shape
• How body proportions influence your choice of clothing styles
• How to talk to your client about their clothes
• How to put an outfit together
• And much more……

When you and your staff know exactly what to look for and how to accentuate your clients best features, you will never again lose a sale to your competitor. Your clients will not only come back again and again for the advice that only you can give them, they will bring their friends, too.

Colour and style training for you and your staff will benefit your clients AND your sales figures.

Talk to us today about arranging training for you and your staff so you have the edge. The investment will pay for itself over and over in no time at all.