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Why is Image So Important?Imogen Lamport Personal Stylist

What other people think about you is strongly influenced by your appearance (like it or not), eg:

  • how much authority you may have
  • how intelligent you are
  • your level of trustworthiness
  • how financially successful you might be
  • your suitability for hire or promotion

Your personal presentation, including communication skills, influence others behaviour towards you, including:

  • complying with your requests
  • trusting you with information
  • giving you access to the decision-makers
  • paying you a certain salary or fee
  • hiring you or purchasing your product

First Impressions

Did you know that within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone a first impression is formed – 55% is based on how you look, 37% on how you sound and only 7% on what you actually say?

The old axiom is true – you never get a second chance to make a first impression – so ensure that yours is positive.


Bespoke Image provide a range of services both to Individuals and Businesses.

Individual Services for both Men and Women

  • Colour Analysis
  • Your Body Your Style Analysis
  • Wardrobe Audits
  • Personal Shopping

Corporate Services

  • Graduate Programs
  • Sales Staff
  • Reception
  • Presentation and grooming workshops


  • Gift Vouchers Available for all Individual Services

Tailored Solutions

Bespoke Image solutions custom made for you – because:

  • you are not average
  • your body shape is yours alone
  • your best colours will make you look vibrant, alive and attractive
  • your personal style reflects you as an individual
  • you are special and unique and you deserve the very best
  • Bespoke Image will save you time and money – you will no longer make expensive purchasing mistakes, and all your clothes will work for you and you will never say “but I’ve got nothing to wear”.
  • you will present a positive image

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